Vacation Apartment Rentals by Owner

SunCampDR Apartment Rentals by Owner for your next Travel Vacation: equipped kitchen * wi-fi internet * hot water * natural pool * 2.5km across Playa Dorada Tourist Complex and BEACH * public transport. Cheap Travel Vacation Apartment Rentals from U$75/week & from U$190/month!!!

Discover the Real Dominican Republic SunCampDR Vacation, Rustic Apartment Rentals by Owner

SunCampDR Apartment Rentals

More than a place to stay while you are on your travel in Puerto Plata, the answer for your next travel vacation!

Do you want the key to enter a typical Dominican village in a simple and very secure way?  SunCampDR gives you a personalized welcome starting at Puerto Plata airport and leads you to plenty of rich discovery during you travel vacation…

banner-suncampdr-munoz-secure Welcome to SunCampDR Apartment rental by owner : we are located in Munoz very typical dominican village a cross the street from the Playa Dorada Tourism Complex and beach… what contrast!!!  We are surrounded by vegetation and a flowing river runs by us. You are not just renting your little space you are joining a nice and harmonious ambiance… among renters who vacation with us from different parts of the world. You will enjoy the interraction with both dominicans and haitians who live in Munoz.

(Free Wi-fi Internet)

Budget rustic apartments, studios and rooms

bannerTropical2 We have a number of different styles of lodging facilities for your nex holiday at SunCampDR including furnished single private studios and apartments (1,2 and 3 bedrooms) and also, economical accomodations. Everyone has an equipped kitchen – if not a shared one – and all the necessary amenities. For more information on specific rooms and amenities offered for your vacation, please see our “Rates Lodging” page. banner-suncampdr-furnished You have the choice of five different building for your accommodation. Each apartment is different and we will make sure you get the one that best suits your needs!

Papagayo Bar & Restaurant

bannerTropical3 We have an open-area restaurant open at all time for your convenience while you are on your travel vacation with us. The typical restaurant looks over the river where we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on request. Full meals cost between US$2 and $6. Beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks are also available at economical local rates. Of course, you can have a refreshing swim between the meals…!!! this is part of your tropical vacation experience!



A pool table, complimentary wi-fi Internet and a swimming hole in the river provide additional activities for when you just want to relax at the camp in between excursions and volunteering. We also have a little library on site and several kiosks to sit and relax.

banner-suncampdr-barbecue We have a barbecue, a place to make fire. You apartments has an equipped kitchen and you have wifi internet. Local transportaion is available or private ones with guide and translator. Our service is personnalized, tell us what you nee to make a success of your travel in the Dominican Republic!

Excursions * Travel Around the Island

bannerTropical5 We arrange a number of excursions for a portion of the price normally offered to the tourist while on their vacation rentals in Puerto Plata. We offer trips to local sights. Get information on the rest of the country including transportation, accommodations and sightseeing around the Dominican Republic. We have been on the island for 27 years and we can give you ideas or free consultation regarding your plans for your precious excursions on the island. You can book horseback riding, 27 water falls, trip to Pico durarte, Ocean world (dolphins), and all excursions that this beautiful island offers to the tourist. We help you setting up a new life in the Caribbean… regarding banking,post, health insurance, orientation, business, cars, real estate, etc.

Puerto Plata Bus and Airport Transfer

We offer transportation for a fee less than a taxi.
*From Puerto Plata airport, the cost is 35U$, we need your flight details. The driver will wait for you with your name on a paper.

*From Santiago airport, the cost is 95U$, we need your flight details. The driver will wait for you with your name on a paper.

P.S The price of airport pickups include your first outing to Puerto Plata for orientation and grocery shopping.

*From Puerto Plata bus station, the cost is 10 U$ (normally Caribe Tours), you need to call us from Santo Domingo when you have your bus ticket and let us know at what time you depart from Santo Domingo… or another city…
The driver will wait for you with your name on a paper.


banner-suncampdr-budget Guests can expect to spend between US$200 and $350 during their vacation rentals per month on food depending on personal tastes and habits. In Puerto Plata, local products are more economical but generally speaking, you can calculate that the food is about the same price as in your country. Local drinks, beer and rum are less expensive on this island and also local transportation is economical. (Less than a dollar to go to Puerto Plata)

Lodging Long-Term Vacation Rentals by Owner


We invite you to make SunCampDR your home

for some months or year!… Your experience of a vacation rentals under the tropics in a typical environment will reveal much to you… but it takes some time to discover all aspects of a new culture and dominican lifestyle. We invite you for a long term rent in this vacation so you that you can relax, enjoy your vacation, get adapted to this tropical lifestyle and open your mind and your heart to what is going on in the daily happy life in Munoz village in Puerto Plata. Local people will for sure make a difference in your vacation. banner-suncampdr-tropical-lifestyle This really is another vacation… more than being just a tourist in the Tropic. However; you will be able to do all activities and most probably at a lower cost than the regular tours offered in the tourist complex of Puerto Plata. You will have time to see more of the real Dominican Republic, that will give a meaning to your vacation and you will know how the local people think and live and how genuine they are… and also how they stay away from stress. Simple life in the Caribbean which is also offered to you on your next Holiday!


Note: Please keep in mind this is not one of the secluded luxury resorts on the beach with chlorine swimming pools and drink umbrellas. Rather, our aim is to provide comfortable village living and an opportunity to interact with the local community, in Munoz ! We offer a unique human experience for your next travel experience… which you will not forget!  In 12 minutes drive from SunCampDR, you are on the same beaches at Playa Dorada and you can enjoy all beach activities!

Different Apartment Rental to choose from:

We have different apartments for your next vacation rentals,  many have an open air style to give you the fresh breeze from the River. They all have screens in the windows and doors. Mosquitos are not a problem! The nights are fresh and you can have a very good sleep, just hearing the sounds of nature…

Mango House with River View


Apartment D1: Bedrooms 2 / Price Month $420 / Photo Gallery
Description: The 2 bedroom apartment is on the first floors, easy access and also the closest to the river and papagayo Restaurant. You don’t hear nothing when you are in your room that is in the back of the apartment. There is a queen size bed and a doulbe bed. The kitchen is equiped, The bathroom has a bathtub and hot water. You have to be outside for the wifi internet. It is pleasant to have your private little kosko ouside the apartment.

Apartment D2: Bedrooms 2 / Price Month $360 / Photo Gallery
Description: Very fresh apartment, windows are smaller, equiped kitchen, bathroom with shower, safe, big walk in closet. Small bathroom and comfortable kitchen. Table ouside with view to the river!

Studio Apartment D3: Price Month $380 / PhotoGallery Description: this studio in SunCampDR Apartments is located at the corner on the building Mango House. this apartments has a great view to the river and on the side also a big window where the sun comes in in the afternoon. You can choose to leave your curtain open or you close them while the sun is shining strongly! the apartment has a double bed and a single bed that can be used as a sofa. It has an additional closet where the safebox is. an equiped small kitchen. A large bathroom. Wifi internet inside the apartment.

Studio Apartment D4: Price Month $360 / PhotoGallery
Description: this studio-apartment look out n the river with a complete wall open and protected by steal bars and screens. you can choose to close the curtains or not! You get the fresh air from the river. the apartment has a queens size bed, equiped kitchen, hot water in the shower. The bathroom is small. this studio is in between the D3 and D5 studios. It is very fresh. The access is easy. There is a safebox. There are 2 apartments below and there are 5 rooms above. You get the wi-fi internet inside the apartment.

Studio Apartment D5: Price Month $400 / PhotoGallery  NOT AVAILABLE
Rooms : Price per Month   / PhotoGallery

D6: $215 D7: $200 D8: $220 D9: $ 190

Coco House Travel Vacation in a Typical Village

Apartment A0: Bedrooms 2 / Price Month $370 / PhotoGallery Studio A1 : NOT AVAILABLE Studio A2 : $280/ month   $135/week Studio A3:  $280/ month   $135/week     PhotoGallery Studio A4: Price Month $280 / PhotoGallery

Sunset Dream Travel Vacation, Comfortable Lodging

Apartment C1:  $360/ month   $150/week      Photo Gallery Apartment C2:  $360/ month  $150/week     Photo Gallery Studio Apartment C3:  $300/month   $150/week        Photo Gallery Apartment 1 bedrooms C4: $ 450/ month    $250/week     Photo Gallery Apartment three bedrooms Cc: $ 600/month    $250/ week   Photo Gallery

Tropical HouseTravel Vacation, great ecological concept

Apartment one bedroom B3: $ 360/ month   and  $250/week       Photo Gallery Apartment 2 bedrooms B4: $ 520/ month   and  $250/week         Photo Gallery Apartment 3 bedrooms Bc:  $600/month  and  $250/week      Photo Gallery

Casa Québec, Rental per room or for Vacation in GROUPS of 6 to 12

Apartment 3 bedrooms Ga:  $ 600/month  and  $255/week     Photo Gallery Apartment 3 bedrooms Gb:  $ 500/month  and  $255/week     Photo Gallery Price per room (sharing bathroom and kitchen, 3 rooms on one floor) G1:  $ 245   /week    and    $100 /month G2:  $230    /week    and    $100 /month G3: $ 230   /week    and    $100 /month G4:$ 255   /week    and    $100 /month G5: $255    /week    and    $100 /month G6: $ 255   /week    and    $100 /month

Casa F  (little House below the Mango Tree) :

Studio with private balcony:  $ 280/month  and  $135/week  NOT AVAILABLE

StarCamp House on top of the mountain,  amazing view!

StarCamp House 4 bedrooms:  $600/month and  $250/week

Price per bed: $200/ month  and  $85/week  PhotGallery  NOT AVAILABLE

Restaurant Papagayo, river view

Restaurant, wooden house 2 bedrooms, big kitchen:  $400/month     Photo Gallery  NOT AVAILABLE until May 2013

Volunteer Vacation, complement your stay with activities with local children at our Community Center, 10 minute walks.

Volunteer Vacation Program:  Photo Gallery

Fruit Trees at SunCampDR… Have a taste!

Tropical fruits presentation:   Photo Gallery

Isabel de Torres view from our little mountain at SunCampDR:  We are in the Isabel de Torres National park!

Mountain views:  Photo Gallery

 Natural Pool: Munoz River at SunCampDR.right at the foot of your apartment…Ready for a refreshing swim?

Munoz River, your  swimming hole at SunCampDR:   Photo Gallery